Vanderpool - Dunn Wedding Invitation Samples

I based these sample invitations off of the ideas sent to me. Each of the following samples will fit into a 5"x 6.5" formal envelope with a gold liner. Remember that these colors and wording can be changed. Click on any of the pictures to see a larger image.


There is a vellum overlay tied with a satin brown ribbon (no bows as requested)

SAMPLE 1 - inside

The foundation cardstock is a deep red with a linen texture to it. The swirls are stamped in a cocoa brown.

SAMPLE 2 w/brown heart

Instead of using swirly stamps, I chose to cut the invitation out in a marquee shape and add a swirly heart to the top. This one has the same red foundation, brown satin ribbon and a matching brown heart.

SAMPLE 2 w/brown heart

Here is a better look at the texture of the red cardstock:

Here is the same invitation, but I used the matching red cardstock for the swirly heart.

SAMPLE 2 w/red heart

SAMPLE 2 w/red heart (inside)

Here is one that is just a little different. I used the same swirly heart, but can do many different things with the front. I could easily put a "You are Invited" sentiment on the front or a monogram letter 'D' or a silhouette of a bride & groom, etc.

SAMPLE 3 - front

Opening the invitation...


The inside can be matted in a different colored cardstock or can be larger with brown swirls stamped on it. Additional information regarding the reception, etc can be added to the left side of the flap.

SAMPLE 3 - inside